Topical Delivery Patches

Why Topical Delivery Patches? No otherphytocannabinoid or nutraceutical delivery system offers the same benefits as topical delivery. The exact amount of active ingredients of a bioavailable formula is neatly contained in an easy-to-use patch that can be discreetly worn safely for up to 96 hours. No throat and lung irritation like vapes, no messy lotions or oils to clean up and no overindulgent risk like edibles. Continuous use of topical patches also helps to fortify the reserves within your body for more of a perpetual therapeutic value.


Our Services: We can accommodate all your needs from our simple DIY Kits to full production support including materials, manufacturing, printing and individual wrapped patches. We only use certified hypoallergenic medical grade tape available in an assortment of clear films, opaque foams and nonwoven fabric choices. Fill your own or let us dispense your <0.3% THC formulae and package higher volumes for you.


White Label: To support the white label industry, we have worked closely in association with a reputable bio-chemist and pharmacologist to concoct a high grade 40mg hemp extract formula containing the right blend of excipient and enhancer to deliver this superior quality formula.


Custom Formulations: If you prefer to develop your own unique hemp extract or nutraceutical formula we offer referrals service to our network of qualified, experienced professional pharmacologist.


DIY Kits: Everything you need to develop and apply your own special formulation or support your in-house production of >0.3% THC compounds. The standard reservoir size is suitable for 220 mg bed volumefilling. Packaged in rolls of 500, each patch is 2.0” round hypoallergenic medical grade tape backing with 1.0” round reservoir in center. Patches come with a protective white release liner and a small tab on the adhesive side to aid in handling.


NOTE: Premium DIY kits are also available with pipette for precision dispensing and foil pouches for preservation packaging.


Standard Shapes & Sizes: Current standards provide bed volumes from 220mg to1,700mg (220-1,700 microliters)with incremental options in between. Samples available upon request.


Custom Shapes & Sizes: We offer a wide range of choices for both medical grade tape backing and the reservoir materials. With our engineering assistance you can mix and match materials in sizes and shapes that best suit the needs of your particular application. Small lot prototyping available as needed.