What happens when you combine 40 years of machine design and build experience with 20 years of topical patch knowledge? The result is the new leader in topical patch manufacturing.

The TDPatch division of CRC-mfg., Inc. was developed in cooperation with Destiny Innovations & Supply, Inc. to meet the growing needs of the homeopathic and nutraceutical topical delivery patch industry. By applying Destiny’s 20 years of topical patch knowledge with CRC’s 40 years of machine design and construction we have successfully developed a semi-automated manufacturing system created specifically for topical patch manufacturing. This custom system is capable of converting the medical grade patch components, dispensing precise formula amounts and individually wrapping each patch for handling, storage and transport. All this on a hands-free operation.

Starting with the introduction of rudimentary patches used in the industry today, we are continually testing new materials, sizes, marking methods and packaging concepts to give our customers the options they need to get their quality products to market in the shortest time possible at an affordable price. We also offer design and prototype capabilities to create unique designs for your specific applications.

When it comes to patches, you can stick with us.