Q: What is the minimum order for filled patches?
A: The minimum run for dosed patches is 20,000

Q: Can you dispense pure CBD?
A: CBD is a thick resin or a powder. By itself, it cannot be dispensed effectively. Most producers break up the resin and mix it with various skin compatible products. The ingredients and the process are typically a trade secret, but in general, coconut oil, avocado oil and essential are common components. Typically, less than half of a formula will be CBD.

Q: Can you make a formula for us?
A: No, we are not chemist and do not have theproper background to make formulas.However, we can refer our clients to reputable chemists and formulators to assist your needs.

Q: Do you offer white label product?
A: Yes, we can include a basic formula with 40mg CBD and even customize the printing on the patch and the package. Let us know your vision and we will assist to create the finished product.

Q: Can you make custom shaped patches?
A: Yes, our engineering staff will assist you with reasonable material and design options to fit our manufacturing process.

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