The Small Round patch features a 2″ diameter skin contact tape with a 1″ diameter reservoir pad. As with all our patches, we offer these as blank patches for you to dose or factory dosed using customer supplied formulas with an individual paper or plastic wrapper.Standard features include a white Mylar protective liner covering the adhesive/reservoir and the white handling strip to help avoid touching the medical grade adhesive.

The paper packaging allows for printing on both sides, such as a logo on one side and IFU and other data on the other side.

The Small Round is also the size/shape we offer in our DIY kits to assist start-ups, chemists and formulators with development.

The patch on the far right is shown in a cold seal package with the protective liner removed. You can see the 1 inch diameter pad dosed with a formula. You can also see the tab at the top of the adhesive (the D shape turned on its back). This removable tab is there to help the user separate the tape from the liner and apply it to the skin. It can be left in place to make removal of the patch easier or it can be removed at time of application.

With the standard 3oz. reservoir material, this size patch can accept up to 220 mg of formula safely. By using different absorbent materials, the capacity of the pad can be adjusted from 67 mg to 220 mg. for applications such as aromatics of high potency gel formulae.